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There are a lot of places to pay attention to in the winter run

came in the winter, and the year "most do not want to move" season, even when there is love health friends still adhere to exercise, take a family run well, sooner or later in the area, playground, Gym "run up" a lot of people, all is for the sake of fitness. But though the winter exercise is a healthy way to laudable, but some small details of health needs love running you know.

1, HIGH song
on the side of the run

refutation reason: listen to the song running, the rise is unavoidable to song a song, some people feel that the edge run "Cara OK" more easy to consume heat, in fact, not. This is not only a waste of energy, reduce the movement time and strength, and in the winter cold air, if it is in the outdoor sports, singing and inhaling cold air, easy to cause the cold, cold, The loss outweighs the gain.

2, warm-up exercise is essential

support the reason: part of movement marked strict time for their movement, such as white-collar Liu because of "too busy" to run for half an hour every day in order to "limit, not a waste of time", enter the fitness room quickly run up, this is wrong, do not do the warm-up exercise is very easy to cause acute injury.

's right way to do it is to warm up for 5 to 10 minutes, which is a self - protective measure that can reduce the chances of injury. But the lack of warm-up, can easily cause acute or chronic injury, and because of hard joints in winter, easy to appear joint wear. In addition, one thing that is often overlooked is that before the end of the official campaign, we must do 5 to 10 minutes of relaxation exercises, which is conducive to the recovery of body muscles and joints.

3, re - cold, should also stick to, even "pain in the morning run"?


refutation: do you have to run in the morning? Some people have to run early, even if they are "painful" for their health, but actually do not need to be so hard on themselves. Studies show that morning exercise can increase the pressure of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. If exercising in the evening, it will not only affect the night's sleep, but also the effect of slimming. And especially now the cooler weather, larger temperature difference between day and night, love sports the best friend of the sun before going out to exercise, exercise need to do.

4, not the pursuit of "higher, faster and stronger", the movement will do

support reasons: no matter in the long run or in short time, the intensity of exercise, the amplitude of exercise and the amount of exercise should follow the principle of gradual development. In winter, we should reduce the amount of exercise.

some people don't have time to exercise, and they also know how to exercise.

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